Golden Love - Substance Designer Ornaments
Marcelo souza marcelo souza ogl barroque session 01

Ring/Torus application. I like that one. ;)

Marcelo souza marcelo souza hr plane

Front view of HiRes Plane with the full Pattern

Marcelo souza marcelo souza roundedcyl

Rounded Cylinder

Marcelo souza marcelo souza roundedcyl2


Marcelo souza stage 01

Progression of some parts

Marcelo souza gathering the love

In Progress Graph

Marcelo souza mirror 2

Progression of one of the Ornaments. Called it those leafs Peacock Tail.

Marcelo souza maps

One more try doing Procedural Ornaments using Substance Designer ! I am VERY addicted to it.  Now it's time to start a Substance Kitbash collection/library of my shapes... This thing isn't meant to be taken too seriously since it has a LOT of flaws and collisions that i don't like, but in the other hand everything is pretty easy to fix and tweak just moving some stuff around. I didn't care much about some stuff on this one, i made it to extract some shapes for my shape library breaking it down into separate graphs to be used in future works. 
But that thing would really work well added to a Sword, a belt, or detailing something. 
Hope you guys like it !