Massive Iron Pattern - v03 - Substance Designer
Marcelo souza rococo v03 front

All the patterns comes from a single shape. The other (2nd) shape is the flower.

Marcelo souza rcc03 planehr

Close Up details

Marcelo souza rcc v03 close1
Marcelo souza rcc v03 close2

Close Up details

Marcelo souza rcc03 cyl

Rounded Torus - Seems like a Massive shield :)

Marcelo souza rcc03 cyl close

Close Up details

Marcelo souza rcc03 sphere

Ornamental Sphere

Marcelo souza rococo v03

Timelapse of its development

Marcelo souza rccv03 torus

Ornamental Torus (Bracelet ?)

Marcelo souza rococo v03 graph

Not so complex Graph

Marcelo souza rococo v03 graph close

Everything starts here...

Marcelo souza rococo v03 maps

Maps Generates

100% made in Substance Designer. 
This was my first try making a Pattern in Substance Design from scratch. It was made on a sunday afternoon and i had a lot of fun doing this. The graph is pretty simple and most of the "magic" comes from Mirror and Symmetry nodes and a tighter control over the gradients to blend the different heights between the layers and shapes. Just one basic shape creates almost everything and i've added a simple flower to compose the ornaments too. 
I am far from Senior Substance user level, but i doing something new almost twice a week. Don't really know more than 20% of the software yet. lol. 
Hope everyone likes it. Maybe i will sell this one for a very cheap price here on Artstation.