Head Shot Collection

This is my Genesis at the Ethereum NFT. The Headshot Series --> HeadShot Series - Creativity Blast | Foundation 
   Since the first days of 2021, I heard about NFTs and instead of thinking as a way to get rich fast, I got this trend to use it as a segway for me to do more personal works of art. As collection or single posters. Experimenting with a side that I should be working on for ages, but I never had the discipline to stick to it. And as a side effect, I still have the chance to sell my art to a collector, or someone that likes it enough to buy it, or just to support an artist like me.
   So I got an invite to participate as an artist on the Foundation.app, by my friend Vini Naso.

   I named this series the HEADSHOT series. And the idea is to translate the blast of using our creativity to be an artist. The feeling of being suspended and having your head blown away with ideas that illuminate our minds and can't be constrained to it, exploding our heads spreading the light into the external dark matter we live. The idea is to have 3 Artworks in this series. I am finishing the second one on my spare time, and blocking the third one to finally end the collection. I am not in a rush with it. :)