Indian Wall - Substance Designer Procedural Pattern

Marcelo souza indian cube01

That "spade" icon, was made using swirl node affecting a sphere, then, mirror was used to get the proper shape.

Marcelo souza indian sphere02

Classic Sphere view. From that view you can see the height variations on each stripe of of the design.

Marcelo souza indian wall cyl01

If you check carefully you will see that i made it in horizontal "stripes", each stripe started with basic gradients masked inside them, to carve the basic volumes.

Marcelo souza indian torus03
Marcelo souza indian torus02
Marcelo souza indian walltorus04
Marcelo souza indian sphere01

Classic Sphere view.

Marcelo souza indian cube03

I like that part, where i have a concave and rounded depression and at the same time, thin steps on it. I was doing this to learn how to controle height layering over non planar surfaces. ;)

Marcelo souza indian cube02

There was some challengings for me here, each "stripe" has different carvings, rounded, stepped and concave, and designes over those surfaces, or on top of it. This forced me to take care of heights more for this study.

Marcelo souza indian cube04

Detail, closeup. Sometime the heightmap has very subtle variations, but they show up pretty well in the tesselated height on 3D view.

Marcelo souza indian plane02

Close of some details.

Marcelo souza indian plane01

Applied to HighRes Plane Frontal View

Marcelo souza indian pattern steps

Here's a fast capture of some nodes created for basic ornaments and details. Lot of work and fun doing it.

Marcelo souza indianwall graph
Marcelo souza aovs

The Classic Striped Textures View.