Procedural Energy bar - Substance Designer
Marcelo souza levelbar 01

procedural Level Bar - Substance Designer

Marcelo souza levelbar front01

The Transition is controlled by a Histogram Scan exposed slider that affects the color and the emission outputs. :) the histogram give some depth to the edge of transition faking a nice volumetric effect (inside it).

Marcelo souza levelbar angle02
Marcelo souza levelbar angle01
Marcelo souza levelbar mapssplit
Marcelo souza fantasybezel thumb01
Marcelo souza levelbargraph

Modeling some Fantasy-like pieces/frames/ornaments in Substance Designer.
Things like that are perfect stuff to create/design in SD because you can generate a good amount of iterations tweaking some parameters very fast. ;)
In this process, i even made an interactive texture with a kind of "energy bar" slider that i can animate using a with an exposed parameter. :) Pretty cool.