Fantasy Bezels - Procedural Concept
Marcelo souza uibar02
Marcelo souza uibar02 crop
Marcelo souza bezel top crop3 op
Marcelo souza uibar02 crop2
Marcelo souza bezel top crop op

Care with bevels

Marcelo souza bezel top crop5 op

Almost designed it like a Gun. :)

Marcelo souza uibar01

Red Gem Variation

Marcelo souza frame borders

Some variations made from the same base graph.

Marcelo souza bezel top crop2 op

Layering the shapes is an obsession. ;)

Marcelo souza bezel diff crop

BaseColor looks like a vector illustration. :)

Marcelo souza bezel top crop4 op
Marcelo souza bezel graph all

Graph. Didn't had time to organize it yet.

Marcelo souza bezel maps

Maps Split

More Substance creations and studies in the "fantasy style". My design looks something out of Wonder Woman movie, I don't know why. lol
This time i made a base network to generate some edges/frames design variations from it. I am much faster designing and " modeling" this kind of stuff today directly in Substance Designer than on traditional modeling ways.