Krull Glaive Substance doodle
Marcelo souza the glaive

"Cheesy movie" for some. But i love that movie.

Marcelo souza krull wip05
Marcelo souza krull graph
Marcelo souza thumb
Marcelo souza krull wip02
Marcelo souza blade 01
Marcelo souza krull wip03
Marcelo souza krull wip04
Marcelo souza asset

Today after the lunch i still had some time, and then, for no reason, my brain popped that old memory to my attention. lol. Krull the movie and 2 minutes later, i was doing the Krull Glaive in Substance Designer. Just to get the rust off. Stills a WIP and i wasn't perfectly literal on design. I freely changed some details. It's a WIP and i will not have time to finish it this month. But i am posting because it's a fun memory. 
Probably the Millenials never heard of it. The movie is from 1983 ! I will post updates as i get back to finish it.