Orc Outfit - Leather v01 - Substance
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Still in progress, but already. I imagine this could cover some not too large armour area, like shoulder pads, or be used to props like a bag/middle earth purse.

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Marcelo souza orclather01 thumb2

And Closer

Marcelo souza screenshot 6

iRay Closeup

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iRay Closeup

Marcelo souza orclather01 thumb

iRay Closeup

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Marcelo souza orc leather graph


Marcelo souza mapsslicer

BTW. I made a small "substance tool" to help me doing breakdowns like this. :)

Marcelo souza mapslices
Marcelo souza mapsslicer 2

My little breakdown tool. :)

Having fun yesterday doing this kind of leather. Kind of stuff that would be useful in the future using along with substance painter. It's still in progress, i want to add some more stuff on it, and do some other assets on the same trend. In the going i made a small tool called MapsSlicer to help me posting break down of the maps. :) (I will put on substance share at some point)