Substance Study - Procedural Korg - Burdallo inspired
Marcelo souza screenshot 11

Updated version on day two. :)

Marcelo souza cube wireframe lol 2

Someone asked me for the wireframe. :)

Marcelo souza screenshot 10

day two. Updated.

Marcelo souza screenshot 8

That k logo is my personal logo stands for Kumodot which is my website. Of course it's procedural too.

Marcelo souza screenshot 1

First version on day one.

Marcelo souza thumb tweakit

CloseUp. Made that secondary shader using Water Level Material masked around the knob. :)

Marcelo souza screenshot 2

First version on day one.

Marcelo souza screenshot 3

This one was a bit more complex. Still need to arrange it better.

Marcelo souza maps
Marcelo souza thumb tweakit2
Marcelo souza wire model sbs

I was heavily inpired by the amazing concept renders of Luis Burdallo work and searching for some more challenging on Substance Designer to push my skills a bit. So i started making this study. That was a bit hard and took me some good 3 hours of work. Just to replicate that small part.
Stills MILES away from the quality of model/render from Luis, but the real challenge here for me was to extract the shapes and the heights "sort" of correctly out procedural textures.
Some months ago i could now imagine Substance designer as a "modeling tool". But now i am addicted to model on it. lol. At least on those studies.
Don't miss to check Luis Burdallo work and follow his Artstation. ITS AMAZING ->
Ps : It's too late, so i will post more breakdown and images later on this post.
My knobs looks VERY plastic-cheap-looking. Classic of Rippofs lol