Romni Arcade at Toronto Maker Festival - July 2018

News / 08 July 2018

       This was the first time i have shown the Romni Arcade to the public. I got a small table at the Toronto Maker Festival (2018) in the SandBox Area, which is open to any maker that wants to share their projects to public.
       It was a VERY nice opportunity to know more people in the Maker area and exchange experiences, and see how the public react to my build. Everyone loves it. Unfortunately as an amateur expositor, i leave all 3 units on all the time, and after a lot of kids playing games all the batteries where drained. lol. I don't have easy acess to an outlet near my table so i had to shutdown my participation after the lunch time.
    But it was a GREAT experience anyway. I hope to participate more on this events to get in touch with more people and with the public. It's always a learning experience !

A maker (me) with its creation and his orange pants. lol