New Tool - Power Mask Generator - Nature-like stuff

Article / 11 April 2020

     From time to time i need to create textures for organic stuff. Creatures, maps for grooming, wood textures, tree textures, bark, leather-like, etc... So thinking about my need, i created this Power Mask Generator to help me in this process  as a texture artists,
     Of course it will not cover all kinds of animals and organic textures, but it will give you a GOOD range of flexibility and creation using it.Specially with you combine them with Substance native noises, and effects.

    Using it, and just tweaking its parameters i have created 31 presets as starting points. So i can use then as they are, or just use as a starting pointing to create new ones from it tweaking it and saving new custom parameters to make a bigger personal library of my own.

     I already have used it to create some textures, fabric patterns, creature textures, etc. Here on this blog post i will post some of the things i did using it as samples. The First one, is that Wood Texture created entirely in substance designer from a simple plane, layering displacement textures, noises, and using as main "driver" 2 combined power masks to show it's flexibility.


     Drag it to your Substance Painter Materials, as a Base Material, and then drag it into any Fill layer as a mask. This generator only generates Black&White Masks. So the idea is to mask your layers in Painter using its information. 

        My Power Mask Generator is available on my Artstation Store on this link : or directly here on my Artstation Marketplace (
     I will update that Blog Post with more examples, and maybe videos showcase how to combine masks to create textures from scratch.