Just a Toast - Procedural one Of Course - Substance
Marcelo souza subslogo ed

Trying to call allegorithmic attention with this one. lol Doesnt work in the real world (I mean, the cut on the toast).

Marcelo souza toast v2 ed

The Toast

Marcelo souza toast graph3

The classic Graph shot

Marcelo souza toast v2c ed

Closeup - This was not made for closeUps like this, but works at a distance.

Marcelo souza starbrex 01 ed

It's Procedural right ? So...Lets play ! :) Just changing the input shape and it's done. ;)

Marcelo souza toast v2b ed

Too burned for you ? :)

Marcelo souza toast v2d ed

Closeup 2

Marcelo souza toast text ed

Ok. I will stop now. :)

Just a toast procedural Texture/Model that i made some time ago for an asset. It was a fun asset to texture. :) Not too complex, not too detailed, but works very well on a distance. :) The frames here are not renders, they are directly from Substance Designer OpenGL viewport. And bread needs a bit of SSS to look better on render.
This is not a texture made for close-Ups. The final use was on a toaster rendered on huge printed frame, were the toaster was using like 30x30px of screen size. So, it's far from perfect when you see that close.