My Arcade new Generation
My Arcade new Generation

Again. I did a new Arcade. This is the new generation of my 2yrs old project RomniArcade. This is the CompactPi. From 3D project, to Real World using a 3D Printer to re-arrange plastic molecules in the form of an arcade guided by my 3D modeling. lol
Then, now that i alredy have it in the real world, i send it back to the virtual 3d world. I am planning to do an animation or a poster using it. It's so cute ! :)
So today i did some wip renders using 3dsmax and Corona. Damn i LOVE using Corona everytime ! Did some graphical-looking shots. Hope you guys like it. :) That project was really fun to do, in 3D, and in the real world and now back doing a look dev for it. ;)
It was REALLY fast and easy to create the shaders for it, specially the plastic that has a good touch of Sub Surface Scattering. It looks almost exactly the real thing here on my desk. :)
I didn't added materials to some parts, just because i like to "clean" look of flat shaders for this renders.

More artwork