Network Panel - Substance Designer Material
Marcelo souza wirepannel plan 04

With the Tile Sampler node you can map the position of the shape input like those circular details i've added here.

Marcelo souza wirepannel torus
Marcelo souza wirepannel cyl

If you look closely you will see that the circles are distributed along the shape without colisions with bolts, or edges. You can control that scattering and scale with maps.

Marcelo souza wirepannel rbox

The screws are positioned around the tiles using another tile sampler mapping the corners of the tile. :) So they change dinamicaly with the parameters.

Marcelo souza wirepannel plan 01

The wires uses the inverted main height shape to get it's scatter mask.

Marcelo souza wirepannel plan 03
Marcelo souza mapsdisplay

Breakdown auto-generated by my tool MapsDisplay. You can get it here ->

I am trying to prepare some tutorial videos, and did this to talk about the amazing Tile Sampler. That node is powerful.  Still need to master all its options, but i am already in love with it.